Gilles Hall, Monash University

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects with AECOM

Gillies Hall is a new student accommodation on the Peninsula Campus comprising 150 studio apartments and common areas. The building is a showcase of the University’s commitment to deliver first-class student accommodation and
achieve Net Zero emissions for its operations.
Gillies Hall has been designed and built to redefine comfort and create opportunities for students to meet and learn from others. The six level accommodation provides exceptional single occupancy studios and dedicated collaborative spaces for students to study, engage and relax.
Utilising mass timber structure and Passive House design and certification, the building puts occupant comfort, health and wellbeing as a central focus. The building provides an ideal indoor environment at an energy and carbon footprint dramatically lower than any similar type building in Australia. Gillies Hall is the first major investment following the establishment of a new masterplan strategy for the Peninsula campus and supports a growing student community bringing a new life to the campus.

Photography: Peter Clarke