DKO Architecture + Breathe Architecture with Oculus

At its heart Arkadia is about ecological sustainability and social sustainability.
The entire building skin is designed not just as a memory of the industrial history of the site but as a beacon to a low carbon future. Externally, Arkadia is made from recycled bricks that have been articulated with deep reveals and solar shading to the north and west with windows that allow cross ventilation while avoiding full summer sun penetration. Arkadia is one of Australia’s largest recycled brick building.
Arkadia is fossil fuel free – there is no gas plumbed into the site. The entire project is 100% electric allowing for an entirely renewable, carbon free energy source to power a highly efficient building.
Supporting the thermally efficient envelope are the solar panels installed on Arkadia’s rooftop alongside a rooftop garden that is lush, expansive and biodiverse. The rooftop includes productive gardens beds and a chicken coop to support local, urban agriculture.

Photography: Tom Ross, Sebastian Mrugalski