Natura and Urbane

Melbourne Design Studios

Creating a calm little oasis in the middle of the city, the project plays with the contrast between the natural and the urban, while creating a unique sustainable development. A contemporary house design with two different faces, “Natura” and “Urbane”, combined with similar juxtapositions in interiors and gardens, means each of the six homes is a one-of-a-kind combination of enjoyable contrasts, enabling ‘green’ and comfortable inner-city living.

Biophilia, the connection with nature that is so important on human’s health and well-being, is not something that is typically inherent to a townhouse development. Such houses are often long, narrow and dark in the middle. These homes, however, are almost revolutionary for this typology, in that they give up valuable floorspace in the centre of the house and instead provide a beautiful garden, resulting in an abundance of natural light and solar access to all rooms, thereby setting the perfect parameters for passive solar design.