Built/SubStation No. 164

fjmtinteriors in collaboration with fjmtstudio

fjmtinteriors has created a new Head Office for Built Sydney within the adaptive reuse development SubStation No.164. A heritage warehouse and electrical substation are seamlessly integrated through modern insertions and interconnecting stairs, providing multiple view lines and circulation paths that provide a modern, sustainable and healthy workplace.

Originally two adjacent heritage buildings, the Shelley Warehouse and Electrical Substation No.164, were integrated by way of penetrations through their adjoining walls. As the Substation and Warehouse levels have differing heights, a series of stairs were used to unify the floors. Above, a new curvilinear glass tower is supported by a core and columns that penetrate through the heritage structure.

fjmt Interiors worked together with Built to determine which floors of the new development would best suit their business needs and heritage Levels two to four were selected to create the 2410 square metre mix of client-facing and open plan work space.

The two existing buildings are Heritage Listed along with the fit out targeting a 6 Star Green Star Interiors and WELL Platinum Rating. The combination of all three of these governing bodies and rating systems added an extra level of complexity and challenges to the project that were incorporated from the onset.

The design centres around respecting the heritage and celebrating the new, while incorporating an industrial aesthetic befitting a construction company. The introduction of biophilic elements and materiality for occupant comfort and well-coordinated technology inclusions compose the future-forward workplace.

Photography by Toby Peet