50/50s House

Green Sheep Collective

50/50s House is a love letter to the 1950’s. Bold lines and playful geometry work in tandem with the charm of the existing house to create a beautiful healthy home that is as endearing as it is enduring. The focus of this project was centred around how to make a big impact with numerous small interventions that respected and elevated the existing home and site.

The built extension consists of a single 4 square metre ‘link’ allowing the required focus to improve the efficiency, layout, comfort and performance of the existing house and services.
The living spaces were opened up and the floor levels rationalised to provide better spatial relationships and reduce the need for unnecessary circulation space. High performing, double-glazed windows were installed to help counteract the west sun.

The interior design promotes a sense of warmth and curiosity, providing space for the clients to showcase their unique interest. The highly detailed, expansive living room cabinetry is the canvas on which the clients can express themselves while subtly framing and dividing spaces.
This attention to detail spills into the kitchen where the strong cabinetry articulation is equal parts striking and welcoming, especially when lit by the afternoon sun.

The iconic feature of the home’s exterior is a triangulated carport and balcony structure which has transformed the two-storey external walls into highly functional, beautiful spaces. The structure overcomes the challenge of connecting first floor living spaces with the outdoors by providing a generous balcony that overlooks the luscious garden and frames views to the city beyond. The triangulated form is also designed to encourage deciduous vine growth that, when mature, will provide additional shading to the west facing walls and windows.

Photography by Emma Cross