RSPCA Passive Wastewater Recycling System

CJ Arms & Associates

This project is an innovative subsurface wetland system that is capable of recycling up to 80% of water (5,000L) used on a daily basis to wash down dog kennels at the RSPCA in Burwood, Victoria. The water from the system is used to clean the kennels and irrigate the gardens while rainwater harvested from the roofs of the facility is used directly to top up the system and flush toilets in the building.

This low energy system purifies water for onsite reuse. It provides an attractive landscaped feature and lush green amenity. While significantly reducing our clients’ water bills through onsite reuse of hundreds of thousands of litres of water each month, the design makes a major contribution to environmental protection by reducing the discharge of wastewater and its accompanying nutrient and contaminant load while offsetting mains water consumption and targeting zero energy use.