Water Yuludarla Collection


Milliken’s collaboration with Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance and the National Aboriginal Design Agency is part of our “Reconciliation Through Design” initiative resulting in the Water Yuludarla commercial carpet collection – a contemporary interpretation, based on the artwork of Gumbaynggirr Artist, Brentyn Lugnan.

The “Reconciliation Through Design” initiative provides a platform for collaboration between Indigenous artists and designers and the commercial interiors industry. Indigenous communities have much to offer in the way sites and spaces are designed and inhabited. Culture, community, and connection to place become integral to the creation of these environments, which pay respect to Australia’s history.

Inspired by the many elements within Brentyn’s artwork, the collection hosts six designs, signifying a connection to both the land and people of the Urunga region, mid-north coast of NSW – past, present and future. The patterns and natural colour palettes in the “Water Yuludarla” collection exude biophilic designs and are envisioned for use across multiple market segments and spaces. Designs include:

Guunu (Life): Traditional take on the ‘dot painting’ with a modern look, this design is inspired by the land and the natural environment of the Northern Regions of NSW, combining the land boundary elements which has been layered into the background.
Yildaan (Dreaming Track): is the reverse to the Guunu design. Both designs can be installed together creating a balancing effect from light to dark tones with subtle dot elements.
Bindarray (River): Captures the textural elements of the riverbank and movement of the sand connecting to the water’s edge.
Guluuna (Rain): Soft ambience of water and the combination of rain and sunlight reflections, capturing the movement and essence of the landscape.
Mayala (Moving): Blended elements of organic movement of land and water, creating an abstract appearance.
Jagun (Birthplace): A layered pattern with Mayala design in the background, while incorporating the dot elements.

Photography by Star of Sea Project_David Sievers, Coffs Harbour International Stadium_Gethin Coles