SVSS – Double Streaming Building

pentArchi sustainable synergetic architecture

The Samford Valley Steiner School Double Steaming Building occupies the original site of the very first demountable structure on the school campus. The original building had been on the campus for almost 25 years where it originally functioned as classrooms and transitioned as the school admin facilities.

The first component of this project was to relocate the original demountable buildings in three portions to new locations on the campus. The second stage of the project was to design six general learning classrooms on the same site- without losing valuable open play ground to the school grounds. The new building comprises six general learning areas intended for two of each Years three, four and five, each with its own separate staff/ store room. Each classroom is coloured according to year and although symmetrical to the centre classroom, the outer classrooms feel unique due to the orientation that provides different light conditions and distinctive vistas to each space.

The building was sited along existing contours and is designed with a clever juxtaposition and flipped section, where the lower-floor veranda faces the play area, while the upper floor veranda faces the opposite side to allow the ramp-bridge to connect to the existing path network. The tectonics is amplified with the geometry of the kinking stairs and cantilevered roof providing shade and shelter.The upper floor classroom raked ceilings follow the roof structure giving added volume and a different feel for each respective classroom and the ground level spaces.

The building has exceptional sustainability design features, including the thermal mass of the concrete slab on the ground and upper floor, heavily insulated roof and ventilated wall cladding, provide interior comfort space that will not require mechanical ventilation and become the most sustainable building on the campus.

Photography by Adnic-photography