Volt Solar Tile

Volt Solar Tile

Volt Solar Tile is an Australian-designed building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roof tile. Volt has been designed to interlock with adjacent roof tiles, creating a seamless, solar you can’t see aesthetic.

Unlike traditional solar panels, Volt’s installation requires no mounting system or roof penetrations, making it more aesthetically appealing to consumers. Innovative Metal-Wrap-Through (MWT) design removes the white lines (busbars) seen on the front of solar panels, allowing Volt Solar Tile to blend with adjacent roof tiles.

Volt has the highest wattage of any solar tile on the global market in terms of maximum power output at 114W. Volt also has a very high solar efficiency at 18.6 per cent compared to other BIPV products on the market.

Volt’s interlocking system, integrated gutters and drainage channels ensure waterproofing of the roof, and Volt has achieved certification for roof pitches beyond the standard roof tiles that Volt integrates with.

Volt provides an option for homeowners who want to improve their carbon footprint and be more sustainable but refuse to invest in solar panels that ruin the home’s aesthetics. Volt allows consumers to have a home with sustainable features and a beautiful roof- something standard solar panels cannot achieve. The product improves the sustainability of homes by generating renewable energy on buildings owned by people who would not consider traditional solar panels.
Volt is also made from 100 per cent recyclable components.

Photography by Natassja Lindrea