Frontier™ 24mm , Cube™ 24mm , ASL, Quietspace® Panel

Billard Leece Partnership (BLP) & Autex

Autex Acoustics® Cube™, Quietspace®, Frontier™, and ASL products are market-leading acoustic solutions designed to enhance the acoustic performance of interior spaces by controlling reverberation and echo.

Acoustic treatments are essential in creating acoustically balanced interior environments that are not just comfortable to enjoy but improve the physical and cognitive health of occupants. However, as with many building industry products, the carbon footprint of acoustic applications can be significant.

Autex Acoustics is the first in the acoustics industry to reduce and balance all carbon emissions from its entire global business operations and acoustic products to zero.

The embodied carbon impact of Cube, Quietspace, Frontier, and ASL are assessed and communicated in a third party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards.

Each product contains a minimum 45% – 60% recycled polyester fibre (PET) – as much as possible before the performance of the product is compromised. Autex’s sustainability team calculate the amount of recycled polyester used annually—a calculation that is independently verified under ISO 14021.

Photography by Dianna Snape Photography