CONQOR B50 Sustainable Waterproofing Admixture


The aim of MARKHAM is to add life to concrete.
Increasing durability, and making structures stronger to last longer, ultimately saves re-building costs and the associated cost to the environment of producing new concrete.
CONQOR B50 is a sustainable, liquid waterproofing admixture, single-part (rather than a hybrid, or two-part), that once mixed in the concrete (this is done at the batching plant), transforms moisture in the porosity into a colloidal silica hydrogel as the concrete cures – offering superior sub-surface concrete waterproofing and durability. It is designed to extend service life and reduce maintenance cost of concrete.

Increasing durability reduces maintenance costs associated with concrete structures by extending the time between necessary maintenance works due to deterioration of the concrete. CONQOR B50 increases impermeability of the concrete matrix, which in turn reduces deterioration of the concrete. This is because concrete deterioration is mostly caused by contamination of the matrix via moisture movement in the porosities in concrete. Immobilising the moisture means that contaminants cannot pass through the concrete. Halting moisture movement and contamination takes away the reactants required to corrode the reinforcing steel in concrete, which in turn prevents spalling and other deterioration of the structure.

CONQOR B50 performs in the most demanding environments to waterproof concrete structures – exposed or submerged, above or below ground. The product is used for waterproofing concrete in marine environments, basements, below-grade piles and foundations. It increases the durability of concrete in delicate environments, such as marine and water storage, and in aggressive conditions, such as marine, and sewerage treatment plants.

Photography by Hannah Wright