Coharo Coatings Levelling Coat

Casafico Pty Ltd

Coharo Coatings Levelling Coat (CCLC) was launched in June 2020. CCLC is a levelling compound used to level and prepare walls and floors. CCLC adheres to all substrates and is used to create a finishing coat such as rough cast. The CCLC formulation is also used to create lightweight mouldings, blocks, and walls. Sixty-six per cent of the product formulation is actual landfill waste. The highest-ever use of recycled landfill waste in a cementitious coating.

CCLC’s increased amount of recycled landfill waste aggregate has had huge economic and environmental benefits, providing a solution for businesses to achieve zero waste landfill.
Coharo Coatings Levelling Coat is made in Braeside Victoria, where only specific landfill waste is accepted from job sites, councils, local businesses, and the community, reducing their disposal costs and providing them with a responsible recycling service.

Casafico is an Australian owned family business, building a product range around preserving the environment for our future generations. We do that by conserving natural resources and eliminating all sand and marble from our products, replacing it with landfill waste that is readily available above ground. Sand is not infinite and traditional coatings manufacturers extract sand faster than it can be found and mined. Casafico’s mission is to raise awareness to the issue and produce coatings that are more sustainable.

Also, by replacing sand and marble a product is created that is one third the weight of traditional materials, supporting a more sustainable life for tradespeople. Furthermore, using waste avoids greenhouse gases caused from mining natural resources. We calculate that 8.21 tonnes of carbon can be saved for every one tonne of Polystyrene that is recycled.

Photography by Casafico