Contemporary Bamboo Cladded Villa

House of Bamboo with Peter Couvaras & Sally Farrugia

The owners of this luxury waterfront villa were offered timber cladding for their renovation but sustainability being extremely important to them they chose to use engineered bamboo instead to add warmth and texture to the outside white walls of the contemporary property.

Engineered bamboo looks and feels like timber but it is a far more sustainable choice, especially with the current timber shortage affecting the industry globally. Far from tikki bars and DIY fencing, engineered bamboo allows specifiers to use the material as an alternative to timber in contemporary designs.

Contrary to most trees that need between 25 and 80 years to mature, bamboo is ready to harvest in five years and naturally regenerates, without the need to replant. Bamboo produces 35 per cent more oxygen and traps more CO2 than trees and its complex root system binds the earth together, restoring soil health and fighting against soil erosion.

Photography by Catherine Dorsen (Dorsen Creative).