Compostable Insulation – Mycelium Biomaterials in Architecture


Mycelium core is a eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene and rigid foam plastics. Mycelium is composed of thousands of tiny individual threads of hyphae forming root-like structures, growing outwards binding together the waste material as a natural polymer to form a new primary material. By harnessing this process, Micoden have produced a method through which industrial and agricultural waste can be transformed into highly innovative biomaterials – creating a new primary material that is 100 per cent biodegradable.

This insulation offers the possibility to be used in modular construction, prefabrication as well as for renovation works. Mycelium insulation is a with a low weight material and an excellent value of thermal conductivity. The insulation panels can be applied in roofs and walls. In combination prefabrication methods it is a cost-effective solution for highly insulated building envelope. The applications can adapt to almost any design, to set creativity free for home owners and architects to building their dream environmentally friendly home.

Photography by Daniel Goldsmith.