The Burcham

Stable Innovations / AJ+C Architects

“The Burcham” project re-birthed a beautiful old building, the Wrigley Chewing Gum Factory, regarded 100 years ago as “…the most advanced factory building in the Southern Hemisphere.” One of the first examples of a steel reinforced concrete buildings in NSW and also one of the first to engage the use of structural mushroom capital columns – the most modern of construction technologies immediately after the First World War.

Receiving a Heritage Listing after the purchase in 2015, the developers, Stable Innovations Rosebery, were committed to retaining the entire building, making good the structural integrity and converting the old building into modern, smart and sustainable apartments.

In addition to the heritage building, which would accommodate 44 luxury apartments, there were two new buildings to be built with 55 distinctly different, modern contemporary apartments, which would have simple connections to the heritage building via elevated bridges.

The sustainable features include:

  • Embedded Electricity Network : 52 Kw Solar array generating approx’ 70,000 kwh per annum, selling electricity to owners and tenants at 20% below the lowest retail price in the market = effective zero cost to run the base building’s electricity
  • Re-birthed historic water tower = non potable water for toilet flushing in all apartments & gardens
  • Electric Vehicle charging bays in the basement for owners and tenants to use – solar power during the day
  • Smart home Automation: Apartment Energy Management, Geo Fencing, Remote ON/OFF functions, Voice Control
  • Biometric finger print access
  • Voice Control
  • Hydronic in-slab heating
  • Number Plate Recognition car park access
  • Edible gardens
  • Roof top cinema
  • 2 outdoor community rooftop kitchens
  • Spotted gum flooring in the new buildings (each apartment Certified that two new trees were planted as an acknowledgement