The Beehive

Raffaelo Rosselli / Luigi Rosselli Architects

A general principal adopted throughout the design process was to use natural elemental materials. The façade is made of a terracotta screen, which allows natural ventilation without tempering the breeze and promotes airflow throughout the day.

The main structure is made of concrete, which is very stable once set. Minimal glues were used in the building and repurposed joinery is utilised for the interior fit-out. Porters natural paint used internally and externally, while concrete is low VOC.
Existing joinery was reused materials – kept raw and without finishing. It is generally naturally ventilated and the recycled terracotta façade could be disassembled and reused.

Doors and windows could be reused and approximately 50 percent of the building is from waste material or recycled materials.

Interior fitout is made of robust, raw and elemental materials such as steel, brass, marble and timber veneer, which could be easily disassembled and reused, and indoor planting was used.