Matt Delroy-Carr

MDC Architects

Matt Delroy-Carr founded his own architecture practice in 2018, to fulfil his aspiration to make sustainable architecture more affordable for more people. He and his team are especially keen to work with young couples and families, many of whom have been unfairly locked out of home ownership by rising property prices. Matt’s approach has always revolved around the importance of research and development – and its practical applications for design and construction – and his own family home is a strong example of how that ethos informs the practice. From a sustainability perspective, this is one of the most environmentally advanced homes in Australia; the first in WA and only the third nationally to achieve #TrueNetZero in construction.

Matt has pursued excellence across practice, research and education, using these various activities to inform each other, and resulting in tangible improvements to the built environment and planning policy in Western Australia. In all of his endeavours, Matt seeks to promote the value of sustainable and accessible architecture to a wider audience.
How has the candidate promoted architects in the community?

Matt and his young practice are well-placed to positively change the trajectory of the housing market in Perth. And his own house provides much-needed proof that a net-zero future is within our reach, and that it’s readily available to homeowners at every age and stage of their lives.

Photography by Lajos Varga