Jade Whittaker

Breathe Architecture

Jade, a passionate and ambitious interior designer, embodies forward-thinking values in her work and the industry. Having gained international experience, she joined the Breathe team in 2022 upon returning to Melbourne. Recognised as one of Australian Design Review’s top 30 under 30 interior and product designers, she has cultivated a multifaceted approach that prioritises socially and environmentally conscious design. Her diverse experience has deepened her understanding of creating spaces that seamlessly integrate sustainability, without compromising on craft, quality and aesthetics. Guided by her belief in the power of knowledge-sharing, connection and accountability, Jade is an advocate for amplifying sustainability within the interior design industry. Jade aspire’s to play a role in creating spaces that future generations will be proud of.

Jade’s exceptional leadership within the interior architecture profession shines through her commitment to knowledge sharing and advancing sustainable design practices. Recently recognised as one of Australian Design Review’s 30 Under 30 top designers, Jade left a lasting impression on the jury, who acknowledged that they had much to learn from her. Her unique perspective and dedication to advocating for greater responsibility within the interior design industry spark meaningful conversations and drive real impact. Jade’s advocacy work further highlights her leadership qualities.

Jade’s presence promises to be a catalyst for transformative change within interior architecture in Australia.

Photography by Spencer Mcdonald