Anthrosite (Anthro-site / human-site / people and place) is a design practice founded by Dana Hutchinson and Mark Spence on Awabakal country (Newcastle, NSW). The team of seven comprises of directors Mark and Dana, architect Louise Eddie and Bec Evans, graduates Tegan Warris and Hannah Divine and student Amelia Tedder.

Experience shows us that architecture, like many aspects of life, is an ongoing learning process, and Anthrosite has a commitment to evolving in response to experiences, ideas, materials, research and technology. All these elements inform and augment the design process, resulting in a domestic experience full of subtlety and depth that enhances the everyday life of the occupants. The Anthrosite team is committed to producing socially and environmentally responsible designs that are responsive to the occupants and their health. They strive to create strong relationships to the outdoors and meaningful integration of landscape with the built form can greatly influence human wellbeing.

Anthrosite acknowledge that the growing building and construction industry has sprouted a competitive design market, with plenty of ‘fast architecture’ offering prospective clients half the services for half the price. The practice embodies a holistic design approach that values the ‘full’ architectural service. Time is an important factor in allowing relationships to establish between clients and also suppliers and contractors. Every one is part of the process and takes ownership of the outcome. The advancement of architecture is simply achieved by empowering others.

As well as practicing, Mark and Dana have both tutored in design at the University of Queensland, Queensland University of technology and the University of Newcastle. Mark is currently involved in the Masters program at UoN.

Photography by Christopher Fredrick Jones.