Bayswater Early Years Hub

k20 Architecture

Located in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria; Bayswater Early Years Hub (Sunflower) was designed to foster and strengthen community engagement and support a growing community for years to come.
The curved floor plan of Bayswater Early Years Hub mirrors a Sunflower ‘turning towards the sun’, and is comprised of two U shaped building forms orientated to maximise the use of sunlight. The design provides spaces that are adaptable to future needs of the community and allow for ease of wayfinding as you follow the journey down both wings into early years spaces and continue into the preschool area. Key design features include excellent passive design, access to natural light across the depth of the floor plate for internal spaces and solar control; reduced reliance on artificial lighting and heating / cooling; locally sourced and recycled materials; recycling of demolition; natural and low toxicity materials; solar array; battery storage; rainwater harvesting; native plantings and durable landscape. The building runs off-grid with all material elements of the building intended to significantly reduce maintenance and renewal costs.
Designed to achieve a 100+ year lifecycle, Bayswater Early Years Hub has become a flagship asset within Knox City Council portfolio and has set a new benchmark for environmental design in the local government space in Melbourne.

Photography: Peter Bennetts