Acre Farm Eatery

ZWEI Interiors Architecture and NH Architecture

Part of the Burwood Brickworks development by Frasers Property, the world’s most sustainable shopping centre, Acre Eatery is an urban rooftop farm showcasing ‘farm to table’ eating in an urban setting. With over 2500sqm of roof space, the site comprises of hydroponic glasshouses, quail coops, worm farms and over 1000sqm of garden beds all delivering fresh produce direct to the restaurant table at Acre.
All components for the Acre site were assessed against the LBC Certification and were required to meet the rigorous LBC standards, an arduous and detailed process.
The design for the space was driven by the available approved materiality and limited budget for the site. The vision was to create a sophisticated, authentic food space that did not look overtly rustic yet met the necessary sustainable credentials for the site.

Photography: Tom Blachford