51 Langridge


Befitting it’s tight footprint site, 51 Langridge is an office, workspace and hub which responsibly keeps it’s carbon impact small. Located in the inner suburb of Collingwood, two kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD. 51 Langridge presents a contemporary insertion into its context. However, it takes a variety of formal, material and construction cues from its many historic neighbours. The building comprises ten floors, providing generous, flexible open plan floors that can evolve as the needs of tenancies shift. Common shared meeting rooms and gathering areas further the community feel whilst reducing impact with shared resources.

Its significant sustainability and wellness credentials stem from intelligent passive design elements which are tangible and enjoyable features, not just metrics. It seeks to highlight the benefits of sustainable design through a series of innovative and bold interventions that fundamentally rethink the traditional office building. The compact site makes the most of its north-facing orientation, with double-height gardens across every level vastly adding to the buildings contribution to urban ecology. As the site is extremely well connected to public transport — ‘green’ transport is prioritised with extensive end-of-trip facilities and bicycle parking. The open stair to the south promotes walkability (and thus reducing reliance on lifts), and social interaction.

Other initiatives include solar energy capture, green breakout spaces, rainwater harvesting and a productive rooftop garden. Operable glass louvres to all facades allow for a naturally ventilated building, whilst shading louvres to the east and west manage solar heat gain. The building also significantly reduces its material usage – this is achieved by removing surface finishes from both the floors and ceilings.

Photography by Derek Swalwell (1, 3, 4) Aaron Puls (2, 5, 6, 7).