Quay Quarter Tower

BVN with 3XN

Quay Quarter Tower (QQT), a striking redevelopment project, represents a groundbreaking approach to sustainability and adaptive reuse. This visionary transformation breathes new life into the 1976 AMP Centre, offering a paradigm shift for ageing commercial high-rises.

In an audacious sustainability move, over 65 percent of the existing building’s beams, columns, and slabs were retained, alongside more than 95 percent of its core. This pioneering strategy resulted in a remarkable saving of over 12,000 metric tons of embodied carbon in concrete alone. QQT not only reimagines an outdated structure but also doubles its floor area, establishing a world-class high-rise office.

Breaking free from the confines of traditional high-rise design, QQT embraces a vertical village concept. Comprising five stacked and shifting volumes, it revolves around the atria that face Sydney Harbour. These atria serve as vibrant social hubs, promoting collaboration, well-being, and breathtaking views. Daylight streams deep into the expansive floorplates, fostering a socially sustainable design that prioritises human interaction.

QQT’s achievement lies in its pioneering spirit, demonstrating the potential of adaptive reuse and sustainable high-rise living. This landmark project sets an example for architects, cities, and developers worldwide, underlining the importance of reusing existing structures while enhancing density, office experiences, and well-being.

Photography by Adam Mørk