The Phillip

Green Homes Australia

The Phillip is a fully automated smart home by Green Homes Australia. The design focuses on maximum and efficient use of floor space on small lots. The smaller ground floor allows better use of external areas within the lot and the windows have been positioned to maximise the winter sun while using Thermal mass internally to mediate the comfort.

This home is the highest Nathers rated new home in the North Western Sydney area. The home also has a Tesla power wall solar battery storage system enabling a net zero capacity. The home features an EV Car charging port, water recycling and is smart wired for mobile device control.
The home has a Passhous leakage standard of one per cent.

The Lot is South facing and the design was altered to enable the correct ratio of passive design ability for the climate. Neighbouring properties are also two-storey, preventing ‘some’ access to winter sun. The design was altered to accommodate and maximise the solar passive aspects.
This project demonstrates the ability to build an affordable, sustainable, healthily home that meets the planning approvals in high density areas as well and showcase new products. The project has been a benchmark in the area.

Photography by Sciberras Group

Furniture: Allure Property Styling. Lighting: LED, smart controlled via Zimi Powermesh system Finishes: Cavalier Bremworth, Haymes, Trend, Fletcher, CSR.