GOODHOUSE Architecture

GOODHOUSE Architecture’s GOODHOUSE 57 stands proudly in Mt Barker, a growing city nestled in the Adelaide Hills. This 210 sqm three-bedroom, two-bathroom plus study home has risen from the ashes of the clientele’s former home, destroyed in a tragic fire.

Cathy and David, an ’empty nester’ couple with a passion for sustainable living, sought to create a regenerative design. Their brief centred on several key elements: celebrating and expanding the existing garden, ensuring accessibility for future ageing in place, crafting a healthy and energy-efficient home, and achieving a positive energy balance.

The project faced minimal challenges due to GOODHOUSE’s standardised system, but meticulous construction detailing was essential for the ply raked ceiling to meet air changes per hour (ACH) requirements.

Sustainability is ingrained in GH57’s DNA, from waffle pod slab construction to rammed earth walls, UPVC double-glazed windows, and a comprehensive rainwater collection system. It surpasses NatHERS rating requirements and boasts a self-sustaining solar and battery system.

GH57’s design is timeless, adapting to the present, future, and even future custodians. Lessons learned from this project, especially regarding the harmonious connection to the garden, will enhance the sustainability of all future GOODHOUSE designs.

Photography by Andy Rasheed – EYEFOOD