Ballina House 6848

BluKube Architecture

Located in Northern New South Wales, Australia, near the Richmond River in Ballina, a certified ‘classic’ passive house home has been built. This location is considered sub-tropical locally (warm temperate to PHI) where the midges and mosquitoes are required to be kept out of buildings with fly screens and termites kept away through construction methods and materials.

The site environs, aspect and typology fused together with a detailed client’s brief contributed to the final home design. With aging in place and accessibility a high priority, spaces and ideas developed into functional elements that have proven to work well post construction.

The home has been recently La Niña stress tested due to the flooding in West Ballina. Surviving any negative impacts to the dwelling from flood waters. The additional humidity has seen the dehumidifier run for an additional month to keep the interior comfortable

Photography by Dallas Nock

Lighting: Space Lighting.