Ingrid Donald Architect with Blue Eco Homes

PASSIVE-FZ HOUSE is a certified passive home located on a large bush property in the Blue Mountains. Nestled among World Heritage-listed wilderness, the design aims to strike a delicate balance between the environment and the elements, maintaining connection to the landscape while providing protection from the region’s cold winters and hot summers. The PASSIVE-FZ HOUSE project is the first certified passive house in Australia to also meet the highest Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone; a crucial requirement in an area ravaged by bushfires in 2019. Optimal thermal comfort was achieved through extreme air tightness, high performance continuous insulation, highly efficient glazing, no thermal bridges, and a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation system.
The PASSIVE-FZ HOUSE design enhances livability for occupants with a strong focus on indoor environment quality, providing extensive views to the pristine bush surroundings. The strategic placement of windows and building orientation also maximises the use of natural daylight, eliminating the need for electric lighting during the day. These innovative techniques set new benchmarks in sustainable design and pave the way for similar developments in the Blue Mountains region.

Photography: Open2View