The Snug

Green Sheep Collective

The Snug successfully converted a run-down, dark, poorly insulated and ‘inward looking’ two bedroom, one bathroom Californian Bungalow into an energy efficient, comfortable and healthy home in inner Melbourne.
The footprint of 99m2 consisted of a series of separate rooms and lean-to structures that were in need of substantial maintenance. A comprehensive site analysis including shadow studies informed the siting and massing for passive solar design. The design process explored multiple layouts for the building to test possibilities and ensure the chosen design was the best response to the brief, the surroundings and the climate.
The solution resulted in a gorgeous small-footprint home that significantly improves the solar orientation, thermal performance, comfort, daylight, ventilation, views and connections to the outdoors, whilst preserving the existing streetscape and built form heritage of the neighbourhood, and not using tonnes of new materials and land in the process.

Photography: Emma Cross Photographer