Sky House

Marra + Yeh Architects

Sky House provides a broad view of sustainability, incorporating: creating connections to nature that are underpinned by adaptability and flexibility; through its dynamic response to predicted changes in climate; and by considering future changes to the family’s composition.
As a result, interior spaces can easily be reconfigured to accommodate the family’s evolving needs, while the external skin of the building adjusts to mitigate variations in climate.
Our clients’ request for a beautiful and functional house – one that is serene, robust, sustainable and flexible – is addressed through planning and material selection. The plan creates a central area connected to, but separated from, private areas, allowing individuals to retreat or engage as desired.
For example: the children enjoyed sharing a bedroom, so they now occupy three spaces connected via large sliding panels, with individual window cubbies for sleeping. This design encourages them to negotiate their desired levels of privacy or community, and be responsible for creating their own specific environments.

Photography: Brett Boardman