The beauty of the blank canvas

  •   5 July 2021

There’s something about new houses that are exciting. Starting from scratch and crafting something entirely new without previous history, remaining true to previous architectural eras. The possibilities are literally, quite endless.

The allure and excitement in creating a new house can be doubled by the implementation of sustainable materials and measures. With passive house guidelines dictating much of the sustainable practice within residential dwellings, houses are given clear direction on what to install, how to install it, and the benefits the house can have on its residents, the electricity grid, and the wider world.

The 2021 edition of the Sustainability Awards sees the Single Dwelling (New) category up for grabs once more. The category asks for the design and construction of a single-residential building to which a Class 1a Building category. This absolutely includes knock down rebuilds. We’re calling on design visionaries and/or their clients to put their houses forward. If there’s a sustainable domicile that you think is worthy of Sustainability Awards nomination, we would love to hear about it.

One new single dwelling we heard plenty about last year was the Alexander Symes Architect-designed Upside Down Akubra House. Bucking many contemporary trends and remaining true to its surrounding environment in Central North New South Wales, the house is inspired by the Akubra hat, marrying beauty and functionality to create an off the grid family home on a 314 hectare cattle farm an hour south of Tamworth in regional NSW. The siting, orientation and form of the building is derived from its place atop a gently sloping hill and is composed to experience the surrounding vistas; immediate views to paddocks and gum trees, and long views to Yella Rock and Hanging Rock that punctuate the horizon.

Wattyl, an iconic Australian brand that is synonymous with high quality products, are the sponsors of the Single Dwelling (New) award in 2021. Building an enviable portfolio of brands and a valuable knowledge base of expertise across a broad spectrum of substrates, Wattyl are heavily committed to research & development, and are continually looking to innovate their products and brands as a whole. Atypical of a Single Dwelling (New) award winner, both Wattyl and the future winner will share similar values in regards to being leaders within their field of expertise, consistently looking to reinvent the wheel, and to have an eye on the future, in an attempt to produce sustainable works that will coexist with the wider environment.

The Single Dwelling (New) category of the 2021 Sustainability Awards will be announced in Sydney later this year. If you’ve got a worthy recipient in mind, make it known here.


This article was brought to you by Wattyl, proud sponsors of the Single Dwelling (New) category of the 2021 Sustainability Awards.