What will be the highlights of the 2023 Sustainability Summit?

  •   30 June 2023

This year attendees will experience the exceptional, engaging, and enthralling 2023 Sustainability Summit this November 9th, where they will be able to delve deeper into the concept of sustainability. Prepare to be enthralled and entertained while expanding their knowledge.

This event is designed to offer a perfect opportunity to reconnect with old acquaintances, forge new friendships, and stay updated on the latest developments in the field.

In 2023, the summit boasts an impressive line-up of more than 40 speakers, including industry experts and exemplary practitioners, who will participate in five sessions. In addition, renowned keynote speakers and notable industry personalities will act as moderators throughout the day.

Just to refresh your memory, the 10 sessions are:

1.How electric vehicles will impact both design & sustainability in the built environment

2.Sense & Sustainability – How 3 women changed our approach to sustainability

3.The road to Brisbane 2032: Creating a legacy of Sustainability & Social Amenity in 21st century Sports Infrastructure Design

4.The rise and rise of multi-residential housing models and how they are changing the way we live

5.How to use biophilia to design commercial buildings that generate 100% of their own power

6.Creating Sustainable Outcomes, Wellness, and performance by using Industrial Design

7.Designing for resilience and disaster planning – why sustainability now also means being prepared

8.How to design and establish social and sustainable affordable housing for communities

9.Why 10-Star homes will become the norm in residential design. But how to get there?

10.Sustainability Certifications & Compliance – why this means everything for your business.

Bringing together the foremost minds in the industry under one roof, the summit will set the stage for the future of Australia’s design landscape. These conferences serve as breeding grounds for ground breaking ideas and actionable plans. Attendees will walk away with practical solutions to accelerate their progress towards decarbonization.

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Entries for the Sustainability Awards are still open until 14 July, with the shortlist being announced by September 11, 2023.

The 2023 Sustainability Summit brings knowledge and even a bit of fun together in one day.

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