For the past three years, Architecture & Design has been running the Sustainability Live panel event, a highly popular and super-focused educational Q & A supplement to our overall national Sustainability Awards program.

After the events of the Australian summer of 2019-20 – fires, floods and the associated pain and cost of these tragedies, it was decided that Sustainability Live will need to be reworked in order to better reflect what many climate experts suspect will now become the norm across the Australian continent .

So, from that realisation was born the Sustainability Summit 2020. Now to be clear, there will be a lot of overlap between Sustainability Live and the Sustainability Summit. Both events were designed to consists of five Q & A panels, both use moderators and both events are fully CPD-accredited.

Where the difference lies is in the fact that the Sustainability Summit will focus more on applicable solutions and outcomes rather than overarching ideas and concepts.

As such, this is why the Sustainability Summit 2020 has rightly been made as the successor to Sustainability Live.

In other words, after a record-breaking uninterrupted 13 years, the oldest and biggest sustainable built environment educational event in the country, Sustainability Live, has evolved to become Australia’s pinnacle of sustainable design, ideas and innovation-now known as the Sustainability Summit 2020.

Therefore, this year, the five panels will be:

  1. Water conservation and its relationship to sustainable design
  2. Designing and building for the new bushfire paradigm
  3. Passive designs, Passive houses and multi-residential builds
  4. Planning for a carbon zero / carbon positive future
  5. How does building automation lead to better building sustainability?

The Sustainability Summit 2020 will be held on Thursday, November 12 in Melbourne, Victoria.

More details like entry, costs and other details will be released soon.

So please watch this space.