Sense & Sustainability – How 3 Women Changed Our Approach To Sustainability

  •   29 September 2023

Many of the sustainable design principles we have adopted in today’s age have been developed over generations. The brilliance of the architects and designers from era’s past have shaped much of our approach and continue to serve as a source of inspiration and knowledge for contemporary sustainable design practices.

The Sustainability Summit session – Sense & Sustainability – How 3 Women Changed Our Approach to Sustainability – zeroes in on the efforts of three female design luminaries who have carved a legacy into the built environment that is still felt today.


Sustainability Summit 2022

The three remarkable women spoken about at the session will be Jane Jacobs, Rachel Carson, and Barbara Ward. These eminent figures, through their pioneering works and ground-breaking ideas, have fundamentally reshaped our understanding and approach to sustainability.

Jane Jacobs, an urbanist and activist, revolutionised the discourse on urban landscapes with her 1961 treatise, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities.”

Rachel Carson, an influential American marine biologist, propelled the global environmental movement forward with her impactful book “Silent Spring” in 1962, leaving an indelible mark on our environmental consciousness.

Barbara Ward, an economist, writer, and the founder of the International Institute for Environment and Development, was a trailblazer in articulating the concept of sustainable development and its essential underpinnings.

In the present-day Sustainability Summit session, a dynamic panel of experts comes together to dissect and illuminate the enduring relevance of these trailblazing women’s ideas.

The panel includes Isley Sutherland, the Founder of IS architecture; Nicky Drobis, a Partner at Fender Katsalidis; and Kate Nason, a Sustainability Advisor at Frasers Property Australia. Through insightful discussions and collective wisdom, they engage both the in-person and online audience, delving into the pivotal contributions of these visionaries.

Additionally, Yaara Plaves from Hames Sharley contributes her insights via a video link, enriching the discussion. Monica Mazioun, the Electrolux Design Lead for Sustainability, also graces the panel, further elevating the discourse on how these influential women have shaped our approach to sustainability and its immense significance in the contemporary world.

Isley Sutherland


Nicky Drobis


Kate Nason


Yaara Plaves


Monica Mazioun


The 17th annual Sustainability Summit will be held on Thursday November 9 as a hybrid event. Join in person at Allianz Stadium, Sydney, or online wherever you have an internet connection. Get your ticket now and be in with the chance of winning from our sustainable prize pool on the day.

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