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ROS Bluestone Tiles: An Innovative Approach to Minimising Stone Waste

  •   27 October 2020

When it comes to sustainability, there are many different approaches that can help businesses and individuals to lessen their impact on the environment; but one of the easiest – and most effective – methods is to minimise waste. Minimising waste provides a front and back end benefit; when less of a product is needed, there is less energy and resources required, as well as less unused product going into landfill.

Waste management is becoming an increasing concern in the construction industry, which contributes an estimated 20 megatonnes of waste into landfill each year1. In the tiling and paving trade, where many suppliers quote ‘acceptable wastage amounts’ of up to 15% per project, wastage is a serious issue – which is why RMS Traders created its innovative ROS tiling pattern.

First launched in RMS Trader’s hugely popular Bluestone tiles, the ROS pattern (named after the company’s three founders, Rorie, Olivier and Shaun) is an innovative solution to the astronomical amount of stone waste produced by Australia’s construction industry. Based on a combination of the three most economical tile sizes (400×400, 600×400 and 800×400), cleverly positioned to optimise an aesthetic appearance of elongated space, while significantly simplifying the installation process and minimising the amount of cutting and wasted stone off-cuts.

All tile cuttings are made from the same block, conserving energy and water consumption during production. Not only does this approach create less wastage during installation, but it increases cost-efficiencies as all ROS patterned tiles are delivered pre-cut – easy to handle and ready to lay.

Already hugely popular with architects and designers, for its ability to emphasise a free-flowing look and feel to outdoor spaces, the ROS pattern enables customers to make a more eco-friendly paving choice without compromising on style, texture or quality.

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