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  •   8 June 2021

For every master plan of a housing community that branches outwards in a rural setting, there is an inner city high rise that plays host to many tenants, in a community built towards the sky. The Multiple Residential Dwelling category of the Sustainability Awards recognises the contribution of architects and designers that create highly sustainable entities that house multiple tenants.

The category criteria requires the design of a new townhouse, duplex or residential complex that contains multiple residential dwellings. Projects nominated under this category are classifiable as Class 2 or Class 3 buildings. While Class 2 buildings are your typical apartment building, Class 3 buildings are considered as temporary residential buildings for those living within the same space for an extended period of time compared to a stay in a hotel or hostel.

The winner of the Multiple Residential Dwelling category at the 2020 Sustainability Awards saw a Class 3 building receive the accolade, demonstrating the all-encompassing nature of the award. Monash University’s Gilles Hall, designed by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects in collaboration with AECOM is a student accommodation building that comprises 150 studio apartments and common areas across six levels. Built on the university’s Peninsula Campus, the building utilises Passive House design attributes and a mass timber structure to provide a first-rate student accommodation facility that achieves Net Zero emissions. With an energy and carbon footprint drastically lower, compared to buildings of similar composition, Gillies Hall was a stellar choice for the award in 2020, setting a precedent for future buildings of its kind, and future Multiple Residential Dwelling winners.

Award sponsors Electrolux acknowledges the Sustainability Awards as a platform to outline their sustainable practices throughout all aspects of business – from administration to manufacturing. Brand Manager, Jessica Baird says Electrolux are committed to creating sustainable products that shape all new projects, not just those that contain multiple residents.

“For us, the awards are really about being able to talk about our sustainability credentials, plans and aspirations from a local point of view – and connect with an audience that is really engaged with delivering environmentally aware projects,” she says.

Come November, we will reveal the winner of the Multiple Residential Dwelling Award for the 2021 edition of Architecture & Design’s Sustainability Awards. This is an opportunity to showcase your projects and place you and your practice as leaders in architecture and design that will sustain our future.

If your project meets the requirement for this category, please register here.

This article has been brought to you by Electrolux, proud sponsor of the 2021 Sustainability Awards