Premier Pavers takes further steps toward sustainability

  •   22 November 2017

In the wake of their support for the 2017 Sustainability Awards as the Landscape and Urban Design sponsor, Premier Pavers has doubled down on efforts to create a more sustainable future for our urban environment. Emphasising the importance of sustainability at all levels of urban design and planning, Premier Pavers have set their sights on preserving water quality and quantity within our cities.

As a consequence of burgeoning urban sprawl that shows no sign of relenting, many urban waterways are now subject to pollution and contamination. According to the World Health Organisation, 844 million people worldwide lack a basic source of drinking water, while 96% of the global urban population use ‘improved drinking water sources’ such as bottled, filtered, or otherwise processed water. Often, the process of improving drinking water in itself has damning environmental repercussions. The importance of maintaining the quality and quantity of drinking water is unquestionable and cannot be overstated: water is literally the lifeblood of the city, which cannot be sustained without it.

Premier Pavers’ Hydropavers® range addresses the pressing need to keep our waterways clean by preventing water run-off. The highly porous pavers absorb water and filter it through a base layer and back into the ground soil, eliminating ‘water haze’ pollution caused by excess air moisture in urban areas. Absorbing up to 1500 millimetres of rainfall per hour, the innovative pavers prevent pollutants from accumulating on the surface and potentially entering the water system, where it may contaminate drinking water supplies.

Hydropavers® also reflect Premier Pavers’ holistic approach to sustainability, incorporating a number of Occupational Health and Safety features that embody a wider desire to promote urban health. Smooth and gravel-free, the pavers can trap and reduce heat, thus limiting the urban heat island effect. Thanks to the porous nature of the pavers, trapped rainwater evaporates slowly after rainfall, offering a perceptible surface temperature reduction and enhancing comfort in public spaces.

In a broader design context, Premier Pavers stresses the importance of changing our attitudes with regards to the sustainability of waterways – be they oceans, rivers, or creeks – and of building an environmentally sound urban future. The company has called for authorities to legislate and implement clearer environmental management policies to ensure that future urban development prioritises sustainability and environmental stewardship.

More information about Premier Pavers and their sustainability efforts can be found here.


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