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  •   21 September 2020

Workplace interiors constantly evolve to meet organisational and client needs. In many cases they also reflect brand values and specific qualities associated with a company’s products and services.

For companies that manufacture and market environmentally improved products, the opportunity to extend their environmental commitment to their buildings and facilities demonstrates genuine intent. In other words, sustainable design applies regardless of scale, size or format.

As a global leader in packaging and resource recovery, Visy is an example of how sustainability plays out across all its operations and activities.

With more than 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and trading offices across Asia, Europe and the USA, Visy understands the business of packaging like few other companies. Their vision is to be the global leader in creating sustainable packaging solutions for a better world.

So when A1 Office was engaged to create Visy’s new workspace at Essendon Field in Melbourne, the scope to ensure a future-proof interior translated into clear sustainability design considerations. They were looking for an efficient and flexible environment that fostered collaboration, promoted diversity and empowered teams to thrive, whilst at the same time limiting the impact on the environment.

Dana Moussaoui the Design Director from A1 Office designed bespoke joinery pieces using GreenTag rated Laminex boards and laminates that can be dismantled, relocated and re-used with ease. Areas with existing concrete were exposed and polished, then sealed with a low VOC, water-based epoxy. Ecoustic panels from Instyle were applied to the walls of the ‘Google rooms’ to improve the acoustic properties of the space.

Noteworthy use of technology to aid in multi-site communication and connectivity was also integrated thus reducing the need for Visy employees to travel interstate and internationally while feeling good about lower carbon emissions.

A comprehensive approach to specifying greener products, materials and finishes was also achieved across different applications with highlights including multiple GreenTag certifications:

  • Flooring by Carpets Inter EcoSoft Range
  • Woven Image Terrain Range
  • Kitchen stools and Chairs from the Butter Collection by DesignByThem (80% recycled plastic and included in an ‘end of life’ program)
  • Benches Side Tables and Stools from the Confetti Collection by DesignByThem (100% recycled plastic that are made from post-consumer and factory waste)
  • Joinery built with MDF boards and laminates by Laminex (Green Tag Gold PLUS Green Rate level A)
  • Low VOC paints by Dulux
  • Instyle Ecoustic Panel Axis range (Green Tag Green Rate level A, 100% PET)
  • Armstrong ceiling tiles Second Look range (Green Tag Green Rate level A, low VOC)
  • Billi Quadra tap (Green Tag Green LCA Rate Gold

A coherent approach to sustainable design and healthy interiors requires a receptive client with vision and ambition. As a result, the synergy between A1 Office and Visy fulfilled a design brief that respected the environment, the space and the end-users.

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