Linear Drains designed by Marc Newson in a Bathroom Interior

Linear Drains designed by Marc Newson in a Bathroom Interior

A masterclass in style and sustainability – Marc Newson designed linear drains for bathrooms

  •   22 July 2020

In 2013, Stormtech released a series of grates in collaboration with internationally renowned designer, Marc Newson. The MND Series featured Newson’s signature tessellated hexagonal pattern, available in a range of stunning colour finishes, including satin stainless steel, satin black, white, pearl brass and blue. The series previewed at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York and went on to gain industry awards for its cutting-edge design.

What many don’t know about the MND series is that, like all Stormtech products, it is also fully sustainable. But, at a time when the industry is rife with ‘greenwashing’, what does sustainable actually mean?

For Stormtech, an organisation built upon sustainable design, every step of the production process is considered for its impact on the environment. In the case of the company’s Marc Newson drains, the entire product lifecycle, from fabrication to packaging, boasts zero waste and zero chemicals – an achievement recognised by its Level A Gold certification with Global GreenTag.

The MND linear drains are composite products, made from marine-grade stainless steel and PVC. Stormtech has invested heavily in developing sustainable practices around the fabrication, sourcing and management of both materials. Not only are all Stormtech stainless steel grates 100% recyclable, but the marine-grade quality lasts thousands of years and all offcuts are reused. The organisation has taken sustainability to the next level, pioneering a new stainless steel fabrication technique that requires no harsh chemicals.

While Stormtech doesn’t fabricate PVC, it has been awarded an ‘excellence in product stewardship’ certification from the Vinyl Council of Australia for its management, reuse and recovery of PVC, which boasts an impressive one tenth of a percentage of PVC waste.

The Marc Newson drains, like all Stormtech products, are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia and provide the ultimate stylish and sustainable solution for wet areas, including bathrooms, balconies, courtyards, thresholds, pools, paved areas and driveways.

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