John Gertsakis explains why you should enter the 2020 Sustainability Awards

  •   21 July 2020

According to John Gertsakis, who has served as executive director of Product Stewardship Australia representing global consumer electronics brands in the design of the Product Stewardship Act and an Honorary Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia, the Awards provide an excellent opportunity to highlight specific projects that deserve recognition and promotion.

“They also help to share ideas and knowledge across the industry in a way that celebrates the achievements of individuals and organisations,” says Gertsakis.

“By entering the 2020 Sustainability Awards, you are not only showcasing your outcomes, you’re also contributing to the wider sustainability solution. The associated promotion and marketing of the Awards shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of positive recognition and profile.”

I look forward to seeing clear evidence of excellence and innovation that goes beyond the usual sustainability measures and outcomes. Compliance, product labels or a swag of certifications is only a starting point,” he says.

“Awards need to acknowledge, reward and celebrate the ‘best of the best’ and thereby demonstrate the exceptional talent we know is out there in industry, from design practices and product suppliers, through construction and development companies. Ideally, entries need to go the next level and deliver compelling outcomes that will truly shape a sustainable future.”

In terms of what he hopes to see more of in terms of sustainable design, Gertsakis says, “I expect and hope to see an evolution of ‘sustainable design’ to give ?” greater emphasis to circular economy principles. Designing-out waste and pollution from the outset is an essential imperative in order to create products, spaces and places that are restorative, regenerative and decarbonised.”

“Tomorrow’s sustainable design strategies and objectives need to activate system-wide thinking, close material loops and encourage new patterns of production and consumption. In short, we need to see a transformative approach to design that enables improved levels of health and wellbeing, greater materials sustainability and an industry-wide commitment to renewable energy.”

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