Encapsulating quality within small spaces

  •   8 July 2021

Designing within a confined space can be challenging for an architect. It isn’t necessarily a matter of having everything in its right place, it’s more a matter of constructing the ideal commercial space for the desired client, without sacrificing on efficiency, quality and sustainability.

Small spaces often contain an immense amount of character and intent. These places encompass their design briefs within a measured area, which effectively means that the look, feel and intent of a space is typically seen within a singular gaze. It’s these places we hold dear, as their charm is wrapped inside a place of conventionally smaller proportions.

The Sustainability Awards’ Commercial Architecture (Small) category has this year changed the parameters to floor space as opposed to budget, which means these places are perfect for small start-ups, intimate eateries and everything in between. It means properly equipping these spaces with the appropriate amenity, creating areas with strong connections to place, and being mindful of the potential environmental complications associated with constructing places of these particular sizes.

Category sponsors Autex Acoustics are all about supporting design projects of all shapes and sizes, and giving designers the materials they need to ensure their space is correctly treated in an acoustic sense. Autex’s Group Technical & Sustainability Manager, Aidan Hill says the company aims to provide acoustic solutions for projects of all sizes, with a range of products that add subtle treatments, that make a world of difference.

“Whether it’s an office building, a retail venue or a warehouse, acoustics are becoming increasingly more important within the commercial architecture space,” he says.

“We, at Autex, strive to support and educate all architects and designers working in this sector on the relevance and importance of acoustics, in order to help them create acoustically sound, and aesthetically pleasing spaces for their clients. We appreciate the opportunity to support the architectural community and their incredible projects.”

Autex holds sustainability high on their list of values. Its business practices are built around environmentally conscious ideals, which flow down to their products as a result. Architects that are looking to construct highly sustainable small spaces should look no further than Autex for acoustic treatments, in order to maintain a commitment to the wider world.

The 2021 Sustainability Awards invites practices to submit projects from all corners of the country to be properly recognised for the efforts of architects in creating places of high quality that will not harm the planet. If there’s a project you are aware of that is worthy of submission, we would love to see it. Please click here to do so.