Creating materials for a greener future

  •   25 June 2021

As architects use their talent and expertise to make a vision a reality, the tools they use are of utmost importance. Not necessarily software and planning tools, but the actual materials utilised within a project. When it comes to products, many companies are investing in research and development not just reinventing the wheel and, as a result, our materials are becoming smarter, more sustainable, efficient and greener.

The 2021 edition of the Sustainability Awards – Australia’s longest running and most prestigious awards program dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating excellence in sustainable design and architecture – will see the Green Building Material category return once more. The criteria for the category requires companies to submit a building product that is renewable, environmentally responsible and where the impact is considered over the entire lifetime of the product. This category is a celebration of sustainable practice and renewable material implementation and it champions the companies that are willing to take their products to a new standard of environmental consciousness.

Big Ass Fans (BAF) is the sponsor for the Green Building Material Award and understands that caring for the environment is paramount. Wanting to create something better it adopted a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) system that has proven superior. In fact, BAF fans are now used to aerate factories of many of the biggest Brands world-wide.

As Rebecca Steffanoni, BAF’s Territory Sales Manager explains, sponsoring the Green Building Material category is a logical choice for the innovative Aussie start-up.

“The Green Building Material category aligns the most with Big Ass Fans, because our product is a direct contributor to greener buildings, and contributes to greater energy efficiency. It just seemed like a natural fit for us,” she says.

“Sustainability is a huge part of our company and our product, and as a result, the Sustainability Awards align closely with what we see as important. Sustainability in building design is one of our core values.”

Similar to the values of BAF, Interface’s Carbon Neutral Floors was awarded the winning honour in the 2020 Green Building Material category. The product was created to align with Interface’s desire to ‘live zero’ and, to reflect this idea, sustainable initiatives included, zero waste, greenhouse gas emissions and net water use plus 100 per cent renewable energy and a closed technical loop via product take back. To further enhance the green credentials, the flooring is 100 per cent recycled and other goals related to such aspects as transportation, stakeholder well-being and business models that “redesign commerce” played their part in ensuring the product was awarded the top accolade.

The 2021 Sustainability Awards is the perfect platform to showcase Green Building Materials that can make a major and positive impact within its respective design sphere. If you have the product we have the category to enter in the 2021 Sustainability Awards. Register it here.


This article was brought to you in association with Big Ass Fans, proud sponsors of the Green Building Materials category for the 2021 Sustainability Awards.

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