Autex Wellbeing Acoustic Panels

Autex Wellbeing Acoustic Panels

Products that make you feel good: Autex’s focus on wellbeing

  •   26 August 2021

A popular aphorism says that health starts from within – and the same could be said about modern buildings. Specifying materials and products that are designed to foster wellbeing and comfort of occupants should be of paramount concern to any industry professional. This is relevant particularly now that we have experienced being bound to our homes for long periods at a time, forever shifting the role of a house in our lives.

For wellbeing and sustainability centred brands like Autex, supplying products that create healthier interiors is intrinsically tied to their business. And Autex in particular pays the utmost attention to a range of factors that result in some of the best quality wellness-centric products in the market.

No Nasties in Raw Materials

‘In order to make sure our offering is free of any harmful substances, Autex screens the raw materials used in the manufacturing process,’ explains Aidan Hill, Autex’s Group Technical & Sustainability Manager.

The outcomes are reported through programmes such as Health Product Declaration and Declare. While the Health Product Declaration provides the building industry’s open standard for transparent material health, Declare is a transparency platform and product database that explores the origin of the product, the materials it’s made from and its future end of life potential.

Like It Says on The Tin: Material Transparency

Autex is proud of the due diligence they’re doing when it comes to screening of the raw materials – and they want you to know about. ‘We are open and transparent with the disclosure of the ingredients used in our products which is why our product certifications list all the ingredients down to very low concentrations of 1% ,’ explains Aidan. ‘That’s because designers and specifiers need exhaustive and reliable information to make informed, conscious and independent decisions,’ he adds. Aidan is proud to point out that Autex is the first to have the accuracy of its Declare labels independently verified by a third-party which adds another level of confidence to the conscious consumer.

Take a Deep Breath: Better Indoor Air Quality

Autex’s products are a low-VOC material, as demonstrated by independent tests. That means it doesn’t pose any harmful level of emissions. ‘Our product has also been tested to the CDPH Standard Method which is a world leading tool to test and predict the VOC and formaldehyde emissions of different building occupancies,’ Aidan explains.

Let’s Get Loud: Sound Absorption

It’s not news – and especially not to Autex – that sound can have a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of occupants. The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of acoustic solutions and has an array of products equipped to improve sound levels within a space. From the Quietspace® Panel engineered to absorb a minimum of 85% of sound energy to the lightweight Cube™ panels that soak up excess reverberation and lower the noise levels, there is a solution for any kind of interior. And in keeping with Autex wellness focus, all of their internal acoustic products are made from 100% Polyester Fibre with no chemical binders which means the products are safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic too.

WELL Building Standard®

Designed and manufactured specifically to foster healthy and comfortable interiors, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Autex’s products greatly contribute to a variety of points to the WELL Building Standard® rating scheme – reinforcing Autex’s mission to both advance health and wellness in the building environment, and improve the human experience through the interiors they help co-create.

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