The contributions of women in sustainability

  •   8 June 2021

Recognising the contribution of female architects in the industry, the Women In Sustainability category of the Sustainability Awards is designed to promote equality and diversity across the architecture and design world. The award is short on history – with Natasha Mulcahy the inaugural winner in 2019 –  but rich in quality, with women deservedly recognised in a space of their own to ensure their achievements are properly celebrated.

The Women in Sustainability award is presented to a woman who has made a significant contribution to the built environment sustainability in Australia over the past 5 years. Unlike other awards, the nomination must be supported by another person working in the built industry, making it a sort of quasi-community choice award. Those who contribute effectively in the realm of sustainable design are rightly nominated, and the award is subject to multiple entries every year.

Nadine Samaha was the deserving 2020 winner of the Women In Sustainability award. With a career spanning decades, she established architekture>konstrukt in 1994 with her partner, in an attempt to fulfill the need for a comprehensive interdisciplinary service that pursues sustainable built outcomes. Confirming her status as a visionary in sustainable architecture, Samaha became LEED green associate and green classroom professional.

A lecturer on ESD at RMIT, Samaha empowers students with tools to improve the built environment and runs workshops on climate change, biophilic and regenerative design, ensuring that the values and principles of sustainable design will remain in future.

Women in Sustainability has been sponsored by Knauf Australia since its inception. A leader in lightweight construction materials, the company has manufacturing facilities across the country. With over 300 employees, Knauf is proud to have nurtured an inclusive environment for its employees, reflected in its sponsorship of the award. Leading the way in materials and safety implementations, Knauf is a trailblazer in its field, similar to the career of Nadine Samaha, Natasha Mulcahy, and the 2021 winner of the Women in Sustainability award.

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Brought to you in association with Knauf Australia, proud sponsors of the 2021 Sustainability Awards