A new-look site, a new-look program

  •   20 March 2017

Nearly everything about this year’s Sustainability Awards program is brand new, not least our completely refreshed and easy-to-navigate website. But the website isn’t the only update we’ve made to Australia’s longest-running sustainability awards program, read on for a few more.

Firstly, in response to demand for a fairer and more-thorough platform for entries to be assessed and compared, our categories and nomination criteria have evolved. Due to the high-number of education projects we receive each year, we’ve separated them from Public Buildings in 2017 and given them their own standalone category for the first time in the program’s history.

Interior Architecture has also been added to the 2017 line-up and a we’ve reinstated the widely popular and contested Landscape and Urban Design category to better reward the work of Australia’s super-talented landscape architects and urban designers.

In another first for the Sustainability Awards, a People’s Choice prize has been added to the event, giving YOU the power to decide who receives the Achievement of Merit Award. The Achievement of Merit is a new prize which will be awarded to an individual or firm which has shown exemplary efforts in advancing the progression of the sustainable built environment in Australia over the past five years, and we’re very excited to launch it.

Our jury panel has also received a significant boost in 2017, with the inclusion of some of Australia’s leading sustainability thinkers, designers and university researches. We’re very confident that they’ll do a fantastic job assessing the merit of your entries and maintaining the high-reputation the Sustainability Awards has carved out over the last decade. Be sure to check out their bios here and to look out for profiles and Q&As from them in the coming weeks.

We’re also very excited to be partnering with some of Australia’s leading sustainable building product and technology brands in 2017. It’s only with their support that we’re able to provide an event for our entrants worthy of the efforts demonstrated in their submissions.

While there have been some big changes to our look and format, rest-assured that the founding principles of the Sustainability Awards program remain omnipresent. We’re unchanged in our deep-commitment to rewarding and acknowledging those who’ve made real efforts to curtail the ecological footprint of Australia’s built environment in recent years, and we’re looking forward to another great year of celebrating our nation’s very best green building projects, products and innovations.

Nominations open 1 May.