2018 Sustainability Awards judge in profile: Kate Harris

  •   9 July 2018

As the CEO of Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Harris’s main goal is to ensure that Australian industry has a sustainable future. By once again being a judge on the Sustainability Awards, Harris will apply her well-honed skills to judging the many entries that have been received.

What are you looking for as a judge?
Stand out leadership above and beyond – and real demonstration of implementation.

How much do you think sustainable design has changed over the past few years?
I think we are on a cusp of change. We know what we can do – let’s celebrate people doing it.

What do you think is the most pressing sustainability issue at the moment?
Climate change and materials. We will face challenges with climate and adverse weather events moving forward and we need to be smart about how we respond to this. Also materials matter. Beyond efficiency and cost how do we care about what we create and the impacts on us and those around us

Do you think sustainability is still an add-on or does it need to be incorporated holistically?
It should be considered as a holistic, integral part. We do need to make sure we look at all aspects at the same time. Let’s not create harm by doing social without environment or environment without social or local without global considerations and vice versa.

Where do you see sustainable design heading in the next few years?
Either to an eco ‘George Jetson’ or to back to lean, minimal, conscious design and conscious consumption.