2016 Innovation of the Year Prize: Green Building College by Green Building Institute

  •   5 May 2017

The Green Building Institute (GBI) is the world’s first online college to provide accredited green skills training to building and property professionals.

As the leading education provider for green skills in the building and property industry, GBI provides and promotes nationally recognised qualifications in sustainability and sustainable practices in property and construction. GBI focuses on sustainable and efficient building technology and resources, the benefits of sustainable buildings, ways to reduce water use and protect natural resources, with an emphasis on practical training at the ‘boots on the ground’ level.

Being an online college, students no longer need to travel, saving carbon miles. GBI’s courses employ innovative video response technology, allowing students to connect with trainers using a smartphone, tablet or PC. The e-learning system allows training to be conducted anywhere in the world.

All courses – designed by leading experts in sustainable design and construction – feature sustainability; from short courses at industry entry level, to Diploma of Building and Construction for senior supervisors and builders. Training is carried out on-site, meaning there is less need for training infrastructure.

The courses train builders and trades people to green their supply chain, and minimise waste. It shows practical ways this can be achieved, and helps them create Waste Management Plans, Sustainability Action Plans, and put them into practice. Apprentices are taught sustainable building techniques from the beginning, which will lead to a future work force focused on sustainability.


  • World’s first online construction training college
  • Smartphone, tablet and PC compatible courses allow students to learn green skills when and where it suits them
  • Pop-up on-site campuses reduce need for travel and allow training to be conducted on any building site anywhere in the world
  • Green Property Professionals course for real estate agents and property professionals
  • Green Tradies program trains contractors to work sustainably
  • Built Green program teaches sustainable building and construction methods to builders and designers
  • Green Apprenticeships allow apprenticeship training to be conducted on-site, with embedded green skills
  • Over 150 multimedia lessons on sustainable building and property
  • Cutting-edge e-learning  and video response technology allow mentoring and interaction with industry experts

Jury Citation 

“While there is no shortage of courses out there, online learning is set to become an essential part of moving the industry towards better quality and sustainable communities.

“The necessity is to now ensure people are taking these courses and utilising this type of learning in their organisations. Anything this awards program can do to support this initiative should be taken as it has serious potential to make an impact on the industry.”