The Davison Collaborative

Archier and HIP V. HYPE

The Davison Collaborative is a case study on sustainable density, transforming one suburban block into three, 150sqm fossil fuel free, 100% electric homes.
Each residence provides for 4.5 kWh of solar panel capacity and 7.5 kWh of battery capacity. The project features Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) for enhanced thermal performance, an Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) active systems and electric heat pumps for hot water and hydronic heating. Caroma Smart Command technology is installed to monitor water usage and rainwater collection tanks are installed in each residence.
The design enhances the mental and physical health of its occupants with optimised natural light and ventilation and being constructed where possible with natural, low VOC materials. Enhanced thermal insulation and passive design principles ensure the residences are a comfortable temperature all year around. The ERV system serves as an air filtration system, ensuring the indoor environment of each residence is protected from dust, allergens and pollens.
The project achieves an 8+ out of 10 star energy rating and is able to be run on 100% renewable energy.

Photography: Tess Kelly