The General

C.Kairouz Architects

The General is the first residential building in Australia to use photovoltaic glass on a facade, providing high-quality, sustainable architecture in thriving Northcote.

The General offers a coordinated approach to public and private interests by combining the community interest into a forward-thinking project for Cedar Group (developer) which shows initiative and leadership in the architectural field.

The General’s memorable design is built upon approximately 2087m2 of land size over 6 titles and comprises of 87 apartments across eight storeys with three levels of underground basement to service them. Furthermore, the first two levels are dedicated to mixed-used spaces to accommodate street-frontage restaurants, retail stores and offices. Level 3 sees a large setback carried all the way to the seventh level terrace, perched well above the treeline featuring a communal gym and unhindered views of the CBD.

We are pioneering new European OnyxGlass technology for solar collection on The General, which nurtures the innovation and experimentation of sustainability for the rest of Australia.

Being the first of its kind in size and sustainable solutions for the area, The General’s generous apartments for comfortable living and energy consumption minimisation strategy is now a precedent for other developments in the area, and it aims to encourage and inspire other sustainable developments in the future.