Nightingale Village

Architecture architecture, Austin Maynard Architects, Breathe, Clare Cousins Architects, Hayball and Kennedy Nolan

Landmark collaborative project Nightingale Village is a zero-gas residential precinct comprising six distinctive buildings, each designed by a leading architecture firm: -Nightingale ParkLife – Austin Maynard Architects -Urban Coup – Breathe with Architecture architecture -Nightingale Skye House – Breathe -Nightingale Evergreen – Clare Cousins Architects -Nightingale CRT+YRD – Hayball -Nightingale Leftfield – Kennedy Nolan When the architecture practices came together through Nightingale Housing to acquire the Nightingale Village site in Brunswick in 2017, their vision was to create a fossil fuel-free precinct in a central location, providing long-term homes for a diverse community.

Nightingale Village comprises 203 homes across six buildings, with eight commercial tenancies at street level. Every building was designed according to the social, environmental and financial sustainability principles of Nightingale Housing: building homes for people, not profit. While the trend in medium- to high-density development is towards poor-quality apartments aimed at generating profits for investors, Nightingale Village would create healthy, livable spaces where people would settle and create community. To make quality housing more accessible, 27 of the 203 homes were allocated to community housing providers ahead of public sales.

Following the success of its prototype Brunswick project The Commons (2013) and the launch of its first official development Nightingale 1 (2017), Nightingale Housing had amassed a list of thousands of interested purchasers who resonated with the organisation’s mission to create environmentally, socially and financially sustainable housing.

Photography by Tom Ross