LIV Indigo

Mirvac Design & BVN

Renting is on the rise in Australia across all demographics, with 32 per cent of households now renting. Whether you own or rent, Australians deserve choice, and shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and security. To help provide a solution, Mirvac is pioneering Build to Rent (BTR) in Australia, following the launch of its LIV offering and opening of its first property, LIV Indigo, in Sydney in September 2020.

LIV Indigo is the first offering of its scale in Australia and combines the flexibility of renting with the sense of home and security traditionally associated with buying. This revolutionary offering is delivered through a new design, product, service, technology, and leasing approach.

Every aspect of the LIV Indigo experience has been designed to make life easier for its residents and create a long-term community. Pets are welcome, and residents are encouraged to personalise and decorate their apartments. There is a range of amenities, including a dedicated penthouse floor of the building, “The Deck”, for communal use with a fitness studio, cinema, chef’s kitchen, co-working space, and more, providing the opportunity to connect with neighbours. The Deck is powered by a combination of the solar-energy generated by the building and renewable energy.

LIV has been designed to reduce emissions through features such as LED lighting, double-glazing throughout, energy-efficient appliances (which come standard in apartments), solar energy systems, water-efficient fixtures, and clever waste management solutions. 100 per cent of the apartments are powered by renewables.

Photography by James Horan.


Furniture: Interior Concepts. Lighting: Mirvac Design and Cundall. Finishes: Mirvac Design. Fittings & Fixtures: Caroma.